Web Filtering


KidsFilterShare  v.1.2.0

KidsFilterShare shares the web filtering features of KidsGoGoGo on your network.

Traffic Inspector  v.

An integrated gateway solution that implements web access control, network security, antivirus protection, spam filtering, traffic accounting and billing, traffic shaping and advanced routing, remote administration, logging and reports.


TrustPort WebFilter

TrustPort WebFilter enables the monitoring of web activities, and if necessary can restrict access to certain website categories. Based on analysis of the web address and its content, the page is labeled either as a safe site, or assigned to a certain

Win Parental Control Free  v.2.0

Win Parental Control Software is a free comprehensive Web Filtering Software with Parental Controls. e Parental Control Software will keep your children safe while surfing the internet. With e Parental Control you have the ability to block website.

CyBlock for ISA  v.6.5.0

CyBlock for ISA is a handy web filtering and reporting software for your ISA Server.

KinderGate Parental Control  v.3.1

KinderGate Parental Control combines URL- and content-filtering. It provides high accuracy web filtering with extremely low false detection rate. KinderGate blocks resources related to malware, drugs, terrorism, abusive content, etc.

SmyleSafe  v.

SmyleSafe is a secure, protected and effective web browser with cloud based web filtering engine. Once you setup the age of your children using your Windows Phone, it is ready to go. SmyleSafe browser will block inappropriate and offensive web

VIPRE Internet Security 2013  v.6.0.5449

VIPRET« Internet Security combines next-generation antivirus and anti-spyware technologies with a bi-directional firewall and spam and web filtering for all-in-one protection against malware.

KidsServer PE  v.1.7.2

KidsServer PE is a personal edition of the Web Filtering software "KidsServer.

Kids Server  v.1.7.1

Kids Server is a proxy server software with advanced web filtering capabilities.

Blue Coat® K9 Web Protection  v.4.2.123

It's a free, enterprise-class security software designed for home computers Malware attacks are increasing exponentially every day. In fact, August 2009 set a record with more than 56,000 documented phishing attacks.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall  v.6.4

UTM (Unified Threat Management) class solution for sharing and monitoring employees' access to the local and Internet resources, for filtering FTP and HTTP traffic, as well as for administrating the network in your Company.

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